Bathe in Opulence With a Bathroom Renovation

Gerome Blackmon can remodel your bathroom in Davidson, NC

If you’re a busy parent, it seems like your bathroom is the only place you can enjoy real alone time. Spend your cherished bathroom break in luxury with bathroom remodeling from Gerome Blackmon. We’ll help you choose and install:
• Efficient low-flow toilets
• Elegant clawfoot bathtubs
• Custom tile designs
• Modern sinks and hardware

Are you ready to update your private space? Call us for an estimate!

Save money (and face!) by upgrading your bathroom today

Are you pouring money down the drain with leaky fixtures? Do unsuspecting guests turn up their noses upon entering? It might be time for a little TLC. Bring your powder room out of the dark ages with bathroom remodeling. Your guests will thank you—and so will your wallet once you start receiving those lower water bills. Call us today for an investment opportunity you can’t pass up.